Storage method of kimono
Arranges it by correct knowledge.
It has been assumed that it stores it in chest of drawers of the paulownia. The reason for the paulownia is that there is an advantage of not heating to the inside even if ventilation is good, the insect doesn't attach, and it becomes a fire. The kimono was not putting on usually and came to often store it in the dress chest of drawers and the clothes case now having become it. However, there are some things that want to be noted when storing it. It puts it on the place where moisture is a little as much as possible, and first of all, encompass and put it in the tatou paper. Kimonos are three, and put Japanese paper etc. in and the crease and make fold when putting it in the tatou paper and. Moreover, if Japanese paper and the thin paper are put and protected, the part in which the gold thread and Silver it are embroidered might be good. As for this, it is because might it have a mind and moisture be called of the paste, and similar can be said to the string of the gold thread for the belt. Moreover, it causes wrinkle when pieces how many are piled and it stores it. If it is a kimono, it is limit as for about three pieces. It is good to put the light one such as to the first high.

There is no worry if it encompasses it with the wrapper of the turmeric dye in which insecticide is effective after it puts it in the tatou paper. When the mothball is put, it is possible to be relieved further. It is preferable to make it not touch a kimono and a direct belt, and to put the mothball on the corner of drawing out and the clothes case. When the smell bag is put, this is the same.
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