Maintenance method of kimono
After it puts it on before it puts it on, the suspender is greatly taken an active part.
When it puts on the kimono, I will multiply by the suspender in the day before. The iron is lightly applied when it brushes away the dust, and there is wrinkle. At this time, it is a taboo that the iron is personally applied, and uses steam. Especially, because the cloth might shrink if steam is applied, it is a caution needed for crepe.
First of all, when the iron is applied, the cloth or the handkerchief of white cotton are prepared. Straight, it is always dry, and, however, basic according to the texture. Note that the width of the cloth might expand when it diagonally applies it. And, after putting on the kimono, it might be preferable not to put away at once, to multiply by the suspender, and to dry the shadow on the first. Let's similarly wear the belt, the sash bustle, and the sash band to the suspender and pull out the sweat. Seeing and dirt do and apply the iron lightly when it checks in detail, and wrinkle is anxious. However, because the kimono breathes in moisture oppositely when putting it away on the day when rain continues, it is a caution needed. The kimono will remember to dry it on the day when it cleared up.

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