To create a community of Japanese Culture through the generations."

- Mission
To create a portale through which people with an established or still-growing interest in Japanese Culture can share their knowledge and experience across generations.

- Our Goal
We have developed a "mekiki" (or appraisal) system for pricing our kimonos. Experts in evaluating new and used kimonos help us assign appropriate prices for our inventory. Ultimately, our goal is to develop a worldwide market. We hope to spread the kimono that our ancestors have taken care of for generations.

i-kimono (http://www.i-kimono.com/)
President : Yoshisada Tanida
386 Motohonnoujichou Rokaku Sagaru Ogawadouri Nakagyo-ku Kyoto City, Kyoto
604-8244 Japan
Tel International phone call number-81-75-223-0800
Fax International phone call number-81-75-223-0886


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