Cleaning method of others
The maintenance of smalls googs : without the slip.
There is a tabi in the one wanting to maintain it at once after putting on the kimono. Washing while it is warm falls the tabi and dirt falls easily. Lukewarm water is added to the detergent, it soaks for about 30 minutes, and it scrubs with the brush afterwards. After it dries it without using it, the flexibility material applies the iron in a little moist place. Then, wrinkle is sure to expand beautifully, too.
A half collar will beat dirt with the cloth that dampens volatility benzine. If the iron is applied with the detergent for the stylish garment after the shadow is dried of washroom, a white half collar and a color half collar are OK. Please note that dyestuff might blot to a half collar of the dye handle when washing. If the part on the edge of a half collar is first melted the detergent in lukewarm water, massaged lightly, tried, and washed, it might be good. It blots or the cloth doesn't shrink, and it is safe even if it washes at home. However, an embroidery half collar is safe leaving to the button chopper.
It cottons and it exposes and of habu and polyester can machine wash by putting it in the net. It is silk anxious. When washing at home, this might be good if it tries in the part that doesn't sound on the outside when it puts on the kimono and it washes. It tries, it washes, and, first, when it is safe, Erishin is removed. It soaks and it. pushes and it washes lukewarm water that melts the detergent for the stylish garment and. After it rinses it, it might be good to take the water with a beautiful bath towel etc. and to dry the shadow.
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