Measures on day of rain
Want to put on the kimono on the day of rain,
When the silk that doesn't waterproof it kimono gets wet because of water, might it shrink, and the color be faded. Wanting to prepare it there first of all is a rain court. Cloth "Rain court" that gives water proof finish at stage of string Because the cuff and the skirt of the kimono are wet if the size is not suitable, it is best to get the order as for what exists in my size. Measuring with the kimono worn when ordering is desirable.

Moreover, it might be good for one's feet to match rain sandals and rain clogs, etc. with the covers that are called "Tsumecawa" in the tiptoe. The kind like the one that detaching Tsumecawa was put up to clogs etc. is also abundant now. Taking usual sandals, and changing in the hall, etc. if it is a party are convenient. Moreover, the vinyl cover of thick "Sandals cover" is sold recently. Of course, even if rain is prepared like this, I want to bear the umbrella in mind so as not to get wet as much as possible as the one of one a large turn is done.

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