Cleaning method of kimono
Action when dirty immediately
When the drink and food are spilt in the kimono, dealing as ahead of time as possible is an iron rule. If it is a destination, the part made dirty with a damp handkerchief and the wet towel is beaten at once, the water is taken in water with a dry cloth, and I will treat the emergency. Moreover, when sweating, it becomes a sober sweat when leaving it. Do at once after it comes home and see if it becomes it. The one of doing, seeing, and beating method with towel that puts, wets part in which it sweated on dry towel, and wrings it hard. Seeing is made to do by doing so and to be absorbed to the towel below. The part with which the kimono is dirty is sideward, and a skirt around collar, cuff, and 8 bodies of the mouth. Check these respects without fail after it takes it off, and pay dirt etc.

When it does and seeing extends, sending to the laundry are safer than it treats it for myself. It consults the person in the shop about and the kimono etc. of antiquity without fail before it sends to the laundry because the cloth might be weak.

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