Small patterns are repeated on Kijaku type of kimono. It is worn in casual occasions such as a party, a small gathering, and a drama play.
[A] is exhibition auction price and [D] is the direct sale prices.
* The auction exhibition request is accepted.
Kijyaku/Woven/Vertical Stripes/Reuse/Charity item
Kijyaku/Woven/Solid/Reuse/charity item
Kijyaku/Dyed/Abstract/Reuse/Charity item
Kijyaku/Dyed/Scenic/Reuse/Charity item
Kijyaku/Dyed/Grass & Flowers/Reuse/Charity item
Kijyaku/Dyed/Abstract/Reuse/Charity item
Kijyaku/Woven/Gradation/Reuse/Charity item
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